Technical process

The process of thermally processing waste in the SARPI DG plant is subject to rigorous requirements which are primarily in place to protect the environment. Our facility is one of the most modern incineration plants in the country.

  • Technical process:

      • Storing waste   
        We observe procedures and safety measures which are in force at all stages, starting with unloading waste ...     
      • Laboratory   
        We have an advanced laboratory which has been moved to the new building ...     
      • Incineration  
        We control all thermal and chemical parameters of the incineration process, in particular the composition of exhaust gases ...        
      • Flue gas treatment 
        We continuously monitor the level of exhaust purification ...    
  • Technology  
    Our installation utilises the best available solutions, which allow protecting the environment and guarantee full control of the processes.  
  • Investments   
    Currently we are executing more investments that will guarantee an even higher level of safety in terms of environmental protection and allow maintaining a highly efficient continuous production process.