Safety Management

SARPI Dąbrowa Górnicza Sp. z o.o. operates the most modern thermal waste processing plant in Poland, which guarantees a fully controlled and environmentally safe waste disposal.


Integrated safety management includes activities related to technical, fire, explosion and ecological safety and work hygiene; and involves monitoring of processes, identification of threats and incompatibilities, and performing corrective actions.

Continuous improvement of the safety management systems is a priority for the facility's directors. Appropriate actions are taken in this respect which arise from the policy of the Veolia Environmental concern.


Corrective and preventive actions are planned and implemented, and reviews of equipment and processes are performed on a regular basis.


In recent months, a range of instructions and programs have been designed and implemented, including:

  • instructions for action in the event of a malfunction or accident,
  • fire safety instructions,
  • first aid instructions,
  • instructions for OHS at service and traffic maintenance stations,
  • occupational risk assessment,
  • OHS and fire safety improvement program,
  • explosion hazard assessment,
  • serious industrial disaster prevention programme.


Accidents and near-miss incidents are analysed, harmful factors in the workplace are measured.

A Facility Safety Group, an Occupational Hazard Assessment Team and a Technical Committee have been created.

All these actions allow for early detection and identification of hazards and taking the right decisions. They considerably help reduce the accident rate in the workplace.


Thanks to using the Best Available Technology (BAT), our installation guarantees:

  • an effective gas purification system including a dust removal system with an electro-filter, a spray dryer and a bag filter, and a system for removing gaseous impurities with an HCl scrubber, an SO2 scrubber, a DeNOx (denitrification) system, and the final filter with activated carbon,

  • use of waste heat to produce steam and electricity for the facility and external recipients,

  • a closed circuit of process water and technical sewage – elimination of water contamination risk,

  • hermetisation of the process by maintaining underpressure in the installation and incinerating odours from the warehouse in the furnace,

  • leak proof ground under the whole plant, holding systems that make it possible to contain leakages from the system and dispose of them through incineration,

  • insulating liquid waste tanks and waste unloading sites from the ground (geomembranes and trays under tanks),

  • leak proof road surfaces – stormwaters channelled to the industrial sewage treatment plant,

  • effective treatment of exhaust gases monitored by two independent systems – high-quality analysers working continuously.

Here at SARPI DG we protect the natural environment and fully control our impact on it!