New sheds

New sheds to accept, temporary  store up and prepare wastes to incineration.


Since 2012 to 2015 reception areas for wastes, temporary  storage for preparing 

wastes to incineration at SARPI have been extended to new objects with total storage space – 1068 m2 .

Those are the new shed that fit closely to previous shed for barrels and shed for waste storage which are being use for unloading the wastes under the roof, so-called front office. In those sheds, needed samples are taken to analysis’/ tests performed in Laboratory, segregation and classification of the waste, can be made as well as labeling of the packaging also waste preparation before incineration or temporary storage is made. It concerns all packed wastes: solid, pasty and liquid wastes received by SARPI containers, barrels and other kinds of packaging.



Areas under the sheds are properly secured  in case of any leaks into the soil – they have isolated concrete surface and closed independent retention circuit.


Undermentioned investments have been realized in compliance with BAT requirements in order to ensure full safety for environment and health of the people who perform above-mentioned steps in the process.