Installation for the physicochemical preparation of liquid waste

Since April 2015, after obtaining all the required authorisations, the SARPI facility for physical and chemical preparation of liquid waste and high-water content sludge has been in operation.

The maximum processing capacity of the plant is 40 000 tons of waste per year.

 The liquid waste preparation process is intended to improve the properties of the waste prior to incineration. The physical and chemical preparation of the liquid waste will include coagulation and flocculation, supported by dissolved air flotation, in order to remove oils and floating suspended solids for later incineration. As a result, both carbon and organic compounds are removed (10-40%), as well as metal ions.


The above installation will receive liquid waste primarily from the cleaning of tanks, the outside surfaces of pipelines and other chemical installations, and suspensions containing adsorbed detergents. This may also include waste from the photographic and printing industries that cannot be biologically treated or recycled.


With the addition of this installation we can more effectively recover the energy potential contained in the waste, optimizing the incineration process.