Sustainable Development Charter

In order to improve the living conditions of the population and taking the capabilities of the ecosystem, environmental protection and biodiversity into account, we wish to respond not only to today’s needs, but also to the needs of future generations. For that reason, the scope of our operations is subject to the Sustainable Development Charter in terms of:

  • company management,
  • environmental protection
  • ethics,
  • dialogue with customers,
  • risk management, 

Being the leading company in Poland in the thermal processing of hazardous and industrial waste, we have environmental protection embedded in our most basic operations. All our actions are taken with care for maintaining cleanliness of the natural environment, protecting the health of the population and ensuring decent living conditions for future generations. For that reason, our company accepts with full responsibility the obligations resulting from the Sustainable Development Charter, designed and accepted by the Veolia Environnement concern. 

For SARPI Dąbrowa Górnicza, fulfilling the obligations stemming from this Charter means a constant mobilisation of resources for the conducted use and research related to environmental protection, and safety of people and their surroundings. It also means constantly accompanying our customers and suppliers who undertake this long-term task. 

10 main obligations of the Sustainable Development Charter:

  • Protect the natural environment, utilise natural resources sparingly, and promote maintaining biodiversity.
  • Develop an Environment Management System which allows determining goals related to environmental protection; take concrete actions and monitor their progress.
  • Be certain that the use of the installations we operate and services we offer remain lawful and in accordance with the applicable standards.
  • Care for the improvement of employee occupational health and safety to a greater degree than the law stipulates.
  • Engage our efforts in research activity, development and innovation, in order to meet environmental requirements.
  • Develop employee skills, support their self-reliance and promote social initiatives.
  • Encourage our partners, contractors and suppliers to observe our obligations in terms of sustainable development.
  • Outpace the needs and expectations of the population in terms of services for the environment.
  • Support the development of local communities where our facilities operate.
  • Support the obligations of the UN Global Compact and act together with the other signatories to advance the availability of basic services and observation of fundamental human rights.