Our services

The primary service offered to our customers is thermal neutralisation of industrial waste, including hazardous and non-hazardous waste – the D10 process with energy reclamation – R1 process, maintaining full ecological safety.


We can neutralise solid, liquid waste, sludges and pressure containers (aerosols). Overall, we accept waste of over 800 categories (acc. to EWC), including 365 hazardous. The full list of waste types accepted by SARPI can be found at: sarpi.pl/European Union Waste Disposal Code List

Among others, we receive and neutralise:

  •  liquid waste (dissolvents, contaminated sewage, hydrocarbon compounds…)
  • solid waste (paint and varnish sediments, packaging refuse, contaminated soils…)
  • 'special' waste (organic acids, laboratory reagents, batteries and accumulators…)
  • expired plant protection products (pesticides),
  • medical and veterinary waste,
  • pharmaceutical waste, expired medicines,
  • waste containing halogenated organic compounds or PCB. 

We have also expanded our services to include neutralisation of chlorofluorocarbons. We incinerate CFCs of the R-11 (CCl3F), R-12 (CCl2F2) and R-22 (CHF2Cl) types, used as coolant liquids in refrigeration devices and as carrier gases in cosmetic atomisers and extinguishers.


Regarding neutralisation of PCB-containing waste, we would like to remind you that according to the Stockholm convention and Polish regulations, substances containing in excess of 50 mg/kg PCB were to be neutralised by incineration before 30th June 2010. However, their successive liquidation continues and our facility accepts substances contaminated with these compounds for neutralisation.


We propose direct cooperation with our clients, guaranteeing service in:


  • collection and transport of waste by own or commissioned means,
  • logistical service,
  • providing appropriate containers,
  • thermal neutralisation of waste – D10 process with energy reclamation – R1 process,
  • issuing additional certificates,
  • documenting the neutralisation process,
  • waste handling consulting.

We receive a broad range of hazardous waste and offer services adapted to the needs of our customers regardless of the operations they conduct. 


We guarantee full control over waste movements from the location they are generated to the place of their neutralisation, ensuring continuity of service. 


We also provide our clients with services of the highest standard through:

  • our capacity for rapid reaction: collection of waste in urgent (emergency) situations, flexibility of collection schedules, warranty of waste collection continuity,

  • personalised services: 

    > intervention actions of chemistry technicians at industrial sites,
    > audits, consulting and waste stream management in industrial installations.



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