Our services

The basic service offered to our clients is thermal neutralization of industrial, hazardous and non-hazardous waste in D-10 process with Energy recovery – R1 process, with full ecological safety.

We can neutralize solid and liquide waste, sludge and pressure containers (aerosols).
In total, we accept over 800 categories of waste (wg EWC) including 379 dangerous.
A complete list of waste accepted by SARPI is available at:
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We collect and neutralize, among others:
• Liquide waste (solvents, contaminate sewage, hydrocarbon compounds )
• Solid waste (paint and varnish deposits, packaging waste, contaminated soil )
• „Special” waste (organic acids, laboratory reagents, batteries and acumulators )
• Expired plant protection product (pesticides)
• Medical and veterinary waste
• Pharmaceutival waste, out of date medicines
• Wastes containing halogenated organic compounds or PCBs.
We have also extended our services to include neutralization of freons. We neutralize freons of the type R11 (CCl3F ), R12 (CCl2F2) and R22 (CHF2Cl) used as cooling liquides in cooling devices and as carriers in cosmetics sprays and fire extinguishers.
We offer our clients direct coopieration that guarantees in the field on:
• Collection and transport of waste by own or commissioned means
• Logistic services
• Delivery of appropriate containers
• Thermal neutralization of waste
• Issuing additional certificates
• Documentation of the disposal process
• Consultancy in waste managment
We collect a wide spectrum of hazardous waste and offer a service tailored to the needs of our clients, regardless of the type of activity they perform.
We guarantee full control over the movement from the place of its production to the place of its disposal ensuring the continuity of services.
We provide our clients with the highets quality of services through:
• Ability to react quickly: waste collection in emergency situation, flexibility of pickup shedules, guatantee of permanent waste collection
• Audits, consulting and waste stram management