On 21st February 2013, representatives of our company participated in a seminar held inWarsaw'Reforming the communal waste market – challenges, problems, and competence'.

During the seminar, representatives of the Ministry of the Environment and local governments from aroundPoland, officials, representatives of companies and organisations from the waste industry, and experts discussed the changes that are going to occur after 1st July 2013 due to the revision of the Act on maintaining cleanliness and order in municipalities. 



Among other things, the participants discussed the new duties of subjects participating in the waste trade, the costs of waste management and holding bids for collecting waste from the population.

Due to the requirement for the municipalities to also organise the collection and proper neutralisation of hazardous waste contained in the communal waste stream, our company prepared special information material for local government units - that presented different types of hazardous waste, for which the best, and even the only way of effectively and safely neutralising it for people and the environment, is thermal processing in an incineration plant.