SARPI - Leader of Polish Ecology 2011


On 15th November 2011 the ceremony announcing the results of the 13th Minister of the Environment competition Leader of Polish Ecology 2011 took place, which we participated in.


Our company was the winner in the 'service enterprise' category.


We were awarded the title of Leader of Polish Ecology for the expansion

and modernisation of thermal processing installations for hazardous and industrial waste in the last 5 years.


This prestigious distinction is an appreciation of our efforts in protecting the environment and human health from toxic waste.


We submitted the following enterprises for the competition:

  • assembly and commissioning of the second exhaust analyser system (2006)
  • construction and commissioning of the new waste analysis laboratory. (2007),
  • construction and commissioning of the new park of techno-operational tanks for liquid waste (2008),
  • installation and commissioning of a modern hall for initial processing of barrel-contained waste (2008),
  • installation and commissioning of an automatic medical and veterinary waste feed (2009),
  • construction and commissioning of a new bag filter (2009). 


The goal of these investments and enterprises was primarily to increase the safety of people and the installation in terms of environmental protection during the execution of the incineration process, increasing the amount and range of industrial waste accepted for neutralisation, including hazardous waste, increasing the efficiency and reliability of installation operation, increasing SARPI's share in the efficient cleaning of Poland of pesticide waste. The enterprises we undertook and completed were judged as exemplary innovative actions, and very effective ecologically. 



The Leader of Polish Ecology diploma and statuette were received by the President of our company, Mr. Hervé Martel, and Mrs. Karina Szafranek-Braś, Director for Sales and Marketing. The prize was presented by the Under-Secretary of State of the Ministry of the Environment, Mr. Janusz Zaleski, who is also the Chief Nature Conservator and the Competition's Chairman of the Program Council.


The award ceremony was held at the Capitol Theatre in Warsaw. 80 units took part in this year's competition. 35 municipalities, associations of municipalities and districts, 42 companies and 3 non-governmental organisations competed for the prize.