Healt and Safety Week


 Between 29.04.2013 and 08.05.2013 QHSE Department organised International Health and Safety Week at SARPI Dąbrowa Górnicza.

Posters prepared upon this occasion were put up in various places a few days before the event to provide all employees with information about celebrations and encourage them to get involved actively.

Celebrations were aimed to promote safety culture among employees and draw their attention to preventive measures required both at home and at work.

Unlike last year, celebrations in 2013 ran not for one but for 6 business days and offered a wide variety of training sessions and educational activities in the form of games, quizzes and competitions.


Inauguration took place on 29 April 2013 when the first group of volunteers had the chance to participate in a training session devoted to first premedical aid. Furthermore, the schedule included competitions and games related to Occupational Health and Safety such as "Safety at home and at work", "Eliminating domestic risks", and "8 risks at home and at work".


Other groups of employees participated in similar training sessions as well as competitions and games.




Employees with highest score received awards and small gifts.