SARPI Dąbrowa Górnicza

As a facility, we have been active in Poland since 1994. Currently we employ over 60 people, including numerous highly skilled engineers, as well as chemistry and environmental protection specialists.


In 2003 we commissioned and now use the most advanced thermal processing plant in Poland, where we can neutralise over 800 categories of waste, including 365 hazardous types.


In 2005 we became part of the French Veolia Environnement concern, thanks to which we can carry out our mission of protecting the environment, conditions, natural resources and health of people with even greater effectiveness. 


Our operations are conducted on the basis of an Integrated Permit issued by the Silesian Marshal. Pursuant to the decision of the President of Dąbrowa Górnicza City, we can collect and pass to proper disposal and neutralisation locations any waste with the exception of radioactive materials, which are not suitable for thermal processing due to technical reasons.


A particular achievement of our company, and a confirmation of the actions we take for resource reclamation, in accordance with the Concern policy, is using the heat generated during waste incineration for energy production. In this regard, we have a proper R1 permit for energy reclamation.